Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020

Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020

Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020

Virtual Reality is one of the latest trends in the tech industry.
Before being mainstream, this technology was used for educating or training in the military and such fields.
However, nowadays, there is a lot of virtual reality hardware and software available commercially.
Matter of fact, you will need to buy a VR headset and you can use your smartphone to experience virtual reality right now.
In this post, we are going to talk about the Top 5 Best VR  Headset under ₹ 2000 in India.

Types of VR?

There are numerous varieties of virtual reality. However, primarily, we will classify VR into three classes. Let’s learn a lot of concerning this…

Non-Immersive VR

This VR is the most commonly used one. When we are playing a video game on our PC, smartphone, or console, you are actually enjoying the non-immersive simulation. This type of VR has improved a lot over the years. For instance, you will see that there a lot of games where you can interact with it using motion detection remotes.

Semi-Immersive VR:

The Semi-immersive VR is primarily used for educational functions. Here the surroundings, the encircling, and therefore the user would be a mixture of virtual and real objects. so as to expertise this sort of VR, you'll have specific varieties of physical environments. ‘Flight Simulator’ could be a nice example of this sort of computer game. Here the cockpit would be real, however, the screen ahead of the pilot would be virtual.

Fully-Immersive VR:

If you want the best VR experience, then you will have to experience the Full-immersive VR system. Here you will have a head-mounted display with earphones, remotes, gloves, etc. Due to that, you will be able to experience the virtual environment accommodated with the sound and sight altogether. This type of VR is being used mostly for gaming, training, or educational purposes, nowadays.

Let us now look at the 5 Best VR Headset In India 2020

Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020

1.Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset:
Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020

Let’s begin with Procus Virtual Reality Headset, This is one of the best standard VR headsets under 2000 in India at the instant.

This VR comes with a built-in touch button. As a result, you'll control the content on your smartphone using that touch button directly from the headset. 

it's compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
However, you've got to recollect that the smartphone should have a screen from 4.7 to six inches. Otherwise, it won’t fit perfectly.

The Procus One VR headset comes with an adjustable head strap. On top of this, you furthermore may have the power to regulate the focal length and therefore the pupillary distance of this VR headset also. Overall, we will say that it's a feature-rich VR headset. So, you'll choose it.

Key Features:

It weighs about 290 gm
This comes with a 3-month warranty
The FOV (Field of View) is 90-100 degrees

Comes with 40 mm HD Lenses
Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020

2.Irusu Mini 3D VR Headset with Bluetooth Remote for Smartphones

Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020

This is one of the best VR Headset In India and it is another terribly reasonable one. it offers some cool options like anti-glare protection, nano-coated lenses, aperture and distance adjustment, Bluetooth device, and more. because of the premium larger lenses, you may have a bigger field of hold well.

You will like a smartphone with sensors like associate degree measuring instrument and rotating mechanism to urge the simplest out of this video game receiver. IrusuMini 3D VR  also offers a free app with this VR receiveryou'll install all of their VR-ready apps and games victimization their ‘Irusu VR Zone’ app. Another good thing concerning the VR receiver is that it's one in every of the lightest VR Headset accessible in India at right now.

Key Features:

  • It weighs concerning 242 g
  • This comes with a guaranty of three months
  • They offer a free remote control device with this
  • Comes with forty-two millimetre HD rosin lenses

Top 5 Best VR Headset In India 2020

3. Irusu Play Adjustable Virtual Reality Lenses

Top 5 Best VR Headset In India 2020

This is from the famous Irusu brandthey're arguably the biggest VR Heatset selling brand in the Asian nation. Like all the opposite VR headsets from them, this one additionally comes with some top-notch options.

Added to it they need additionally unbroken the comfort dry land of the user in their mind whereas coming up with this virtual reality headset.

For the record, it's a detachable lid on the front. it'll assist you to transfer heat higher than usual.

As a result, your smartphone won't overheat. this may be a good VR if your smartphone is VR preparedthanks to the worth, this one has a number of the simplest options.

Key Features:

  • Comes with three months of assurance
  • Compatible with smartphones dimensions up to 170x80x12 millimetre
  • Comes with 8-story frame nano-coated lenses
  • It weighs regarding 375 weight unit

Top 5 Best VR Headset In India 2020

Ocular Grand Adjustable VR is one of the best VR headset in India 2020 with many advanced features, that too at the best price.

It has lens distance adjustment knobs, inbuilt headphones, volume control, capacitive touch buttons, and immersive 3D experience features.
The elastic head-strap is pretty comfortable to wear for extended periods.

There is a 42mm HD lens to scale back eye fatigue and offers a FOV of 120 degrees.

The built-in headphones accompany a max power of 50MW and that they deliver 3D surround sound and enhance your VR experience.

The touch button allows you to regulate VR apps without removing your smartphone.

It supports smartphones with screen sizes from 4” to 6” Inches

Key Features:

  • This VR comes with 6 months of warranty 
  • Inbuilt headphones and has an inbuilt volume controller
  •  You can take/make calls using the microphone
  • Capacitative touch button lets you toggle the mobile screen while in VR mode
Top 5 Best VR Headset In India 2020

5. My VR Headset Infinity

Don’t want to miss the calls, but enjoy the VR, then the My VR Infinity Goggles are only for you.

These VR Glasses accompany call answering button, wireless sound headset and 120-degree FOV
It supports mobiles with screen sizes from 4.5 to 6.2 inches.

It comes with amazing features that none of the products within the list possess.

However, the sole downside is that the bulkiness of the headset.

So, if you don’t have a drag with the load (slightly overweight than the regular headsets), then this is often the right device for you.

Key Features:

  • Large lens: 120-degree FOV
  • superior lens (42mm)
  • lens adjustment via IPD
  • Inbuilt clicking button (remote not required)

So these are the list of Top 5 Best VR Headset Under 2000 In India 2020 In our opinion, this is the best price range to get a quality VR headset if you are in a tight budget. Here we have discussed 5 of the best VR Headset under 2000 in India. We hope this post will help you to make the right call while buying a VR headset in India.

Now let us look at some VR Headset Buying Guide 

1.Lens Quality:

The first thing you ought to check VR goggles is that the quality of its lens without which it's absolutely useless.

Generally, cheap VR headsets accompany poor lens quality.

Ideally, the lenses should be of minimum 42mm diameter.

2.Field of View (FOV)

FOV is nothing but the extent of the visible world which will be seen at any point of your time.

Simply said, FOV is viewing a video or image at 360◦ rotational angle.

3.Wearing Comfort:

There are some headsets that are made using heavy plastic material, thus making it uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

So, choose the one with soft cushions and has less weight on your ears.

4.Hardware Design:

There are headsets that look ugly and there are people who look stylish or simple. alongside the features, the planning also plays a serious role in supplying you with a cool guy look.

So, choose a design that you simply just like the most alongside of these features. Also, remember to settle on a headset with headphones built-in for better experience.

5.Remote Controllers:

Most VR headsets accompany remote controllers that assist you to monitor or control the functionalities of the headset.

These help tons as you don’t need to manually remove the smartphone to vary the video or image. Just use the Bluetooth remote to try to to the work wirelessly.

6.Build Quality:

Build quality is another feature to seem at because it will make your headset to remain longer with no breaks or damages.

Check the headsets made with Eco-friendly materials like optical resins with 8-layer Nano coating and top quality lightweight plastic.

7.Movie Watcher vs Gamer:

There are some casual VR headsets that are beneficial for people that watch videos regularly.

But, if you’re a game lover, then you ought to definitely choose the high-end gaming VR headsets to experience extreme gaming visuals.

8.VR Headset Prices in India:

Basic models with minimal features are often bought under the worth of Rs.500 to Rs.1500.

But, if you’re trying to find long-lasting Smart VR glasses with advanced features, then you ought to distribute a touch more.

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