5 Best Business Laptops Under 50000 In India

5 Best Business Laptops Under 50000 In India

Are you searching to get a Best Business Laptops Under 50000 and are confused with the choices offered within the market? Worry not as I will tell you a number of the 5 Best Laptops Under 50000 In India that you'll be able to get straight away. whether or not you’re a gamer, a student, a business user, or simply an informal user, this list is all for.

1. MI NoteBook 14 Business Laptops

2. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i

3.Microsoft Surface Laptop Intel Core i7

4.ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ592T Intel Core i5

5.Dell Inspiron 5370 13.3-inch FHD

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5 Best Business Laptops under 50000 In India 

1. MI NoteBook 14 Business Laptops
5 Best Business Laptops under 50000 In India
This MI NoteBook 14 is our First choice on the list of 5 Best Business Laptops under 50000 In India. After winning the title of the foremost common smartphone Brand in India finally, Xiaomi focusing within the notebook section. The portable computer is obtainable in 3 totally different variants and every one variants high-powered by Intel’s latest tenth info processor.

The best a part of Mi notebook fourteen is that the portable computer out there at the terribly pocket-friendly tag. The beginning value is simply 41,999, that could be a little low compared to competitors.

Key features:

  • The design implementation on the Mi Laptop is extremely the same as however, Apple approaches its MacBook. Overall, design-wise the portable computer appearance quite premium and engaging. Its mix of Mg and Allomunium for that premium look and feel.
  • The matte-finish aluminiferous body in grey color and minimum stigmatization is unquestionably valuable to think about.
  • The body is created of associate aluminium-magnesium alloy and that’s why it’s terribly light-weight and sturdy.
  • The portable computer incorporates a 14-inch full-HD resolution show with matte and anti-reflective coating, the standard of the show is sort of sensible compared to the worth.
  • With 1.3mm distance between keys, keyboard supply nice typewriting expertise. For people who love to type a lot like us, they'll just love the keyboard.
  • On the processer department, the portable computer comes with Intel’s latest tenth information chipset, that is that the same as higher than portable computers and spare for many of the laptop use.
  • There is no dedicated GPU within this portable computer, therefore gamers keep one's eyes off from this laptop, however, if you need then there's one variant, that comes with 2GB Nvidia flux unit 230 GPU.
  • You get 8GB of 2666MHz DDR4 RAM and 256GB and 512 GB SSD storage choices, that similar.
  • Amazing battery, Xiaomi guarantees ten hours of battery life, however in period use, it will last up to seven hours with moderate use. It conjointly comes with quick charging support, 50% in thirty-five minutes.

2.Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i

The Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i is our 2nd choice on the list of 5 Best Business Laptops Under 50000 In India This laptop is recently Introduced within the Indian market with associate degree upgraded CPU and a few style amendment. Let’s check it.

Key Features:

  • The laptop itself terribly compact and slim. The platinum grey colour and metal finishing look very enticing and eye-catchy. one in every of the best-looking laptops during this worth vary.
  • I personally just like the keyboard of this laptop computer, it’s terribly comfy to long hour typewriting.
  • The full HD 1080P show with minimum Bazzels, that’s an extremely sensitive issue to note.
  • Powered by Intel latest tenth information i5 1035G1 chipset, that offers you powerful performance and batter battery life.
  • The powerful 8GB DDR4 2666 Mc RAM gift with 1TB HDD drive. One variant is additionally obtainable with 256 GB SSD.
  • You can additionally upgrade RAM (12 GB) and SSD if you would like.
  • The dedicated physical digital camera shutter for advanced security, that’s really I need.
  • Decent battery life, up to 5-6 hours. quick charging support.
  • All the property ports are present.

3.Microsoft Surface Laptop Intel Core i7

The Microsoft Surface is an example of sheer brilliance in each style and performance, that may be a common attribute in most Microsoft product.

An engaging, minimalistic style combined with one among the foremost powerful systems in terms of process and storage makes it a transparent favourite in various reviews. Let’s catch up with it.

Key Features:

A thin, wedge-shaped, platinum body presents a superbly crafted device that ought to slot in a large style of workplace setups. The screen size falls within the medium vary because it measures at around 13.5 inches. In terms of overall dimensions, the dimension falls at around 22.4 cm whereas the load measures 30.8 cm.

The wily style is complemented by a neat touchpad and keyboard that options fittingly spaced, broad keys with a soft feel, and ample feedback on pressure.

  • Processor- a pair of.5 Gc seventh-generation Intel core i7 processor.
  • RAM- 8GB SDRAM memory.
  • Storage- 256 Solid State hard drive.
  • Display Resolution- 2256×1504 pixels.
  • Graphics and video support- Intel  IrisTM and Graphics 640
  • Connectivity– Wireless connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n wireless. Wired connectivity: three.0 USB technology (2 ports), HDMI, Audio input and output jacks.
  • Operating system- Windows ten
  • Power options and Battery life- one cell lithium Battery with a mean battery lifetime of forty-five Watt-Hours.
  • Warranty- one year for manufacture connected defects.

4.ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UF-EJ592T Intel Core i5

Asus provides a good mid-range possibility with the standard and performance of a high-end gadget during this commendable model. Top-notch graphics, high storage capability, and a knavish style have attained it an area on our review. Let’s check its features.

Design and size

This laptop comes with a classic style that includes a skinny frame with an Associate in ultra-sleek end. the grey body color provides it an expert bit that resonates with a business way and setting.

The screen’s diagonal measures at 15.6 inches whereas the dimension, length, and thickness live 24.3 x 36.1 x 1.9 cm severally. This interprets to a weight of regarding 1.7kg. The keyboard is quite spacious with a stable set of well-spaced keys for increased comfort.

  • Processor- It options a 1.6 rate Intel Core i5-8250U eighth info processor.
  • RAM- 4GB DDR4.
  • Storage- one TB hard drive.
  • Display Resolution– 1920×1080(Full HD).
  • Graphics and video support- NVIDIA GeForce MX130 graphics processor.
  • Connectivity– Wireless connectivity: 802.11ac and Bluetooth four.2 technology. Wired connectivity: USB two.0(2 ports), USB 3.1 (1 port), HDMI, audio input and output jacks.
  • Operating system– Windows ten
  • Power options and Battery life- three-cell lithium Battery, forty-two watt-hours.
  • Warranty- one year term for manufacture connected defects.

5.Dell Inspiron 5370 13.3-inch FHD Business Laptop

5 Best Business Laptops Under 50000 In India
This Dell Inspiron 5370 is our last choice in the list of 5 Best Business Laptops Under 50000 In India, The Dell Inspiron is a component of a string of elite notebooks from the world-famous complete that has established its mark within the physical science producing world for the past few decades.

There is little doubt its process power competes with the Macbook because the storage rating and alternative vital options gift a comprehensive electronic system. Let’s check it features.

Design and size

The device employs the superior aesthetic properties of Silver to come back up with Associate imposingly shaped silver and black body that adopts the classic clamshell style.

The 13.3 in. screen combines with a 52cm (L) x three6(W) body to come back up with a light-weight -weight system mensuration at simply 1.5kg on the balance. A showing neatness packed keyboard with broad keys and a soft feel adds an additional layer of comfort throughout long hours of typewriting.

Key features:

  • Processor- It comes with a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5-8250U processor.
  • RAM- 8GB DDR4.
  • Storage- 256GB SSD.
  • Display Resolution- Full HD (1920×1080).
  • Graphics and video support- Integrated HD 620 graphics processor.
  • Connectivity– Wireless connectivity: local area network a/b/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.2.  Wired connectivity: USB three, USB Type C, HDMI, audio input and output jacks, and small South Dakota card reader.
  • Operating system– Windows ten.
  • Power options – Li-ion battery
  • Warranty- one year for manufacture connected defects.

Buying Guide For Business Laptops 

Landing on the most effective budget light-weight laptops for optimum productivity in business involves thought of a myriad of things. However, there are factors that stand out systematically notwithstanding the kind of pc or laptop computer of your selection.

These embrace overall style, CPU performance, size, screen resolution, battery life, property, and storage capability. Let’s have an associate in-depth look.


Your laptop’s processor may be a large consider its overall performance once handling totally different tasks. the explanation behind this can be that it is the unit that performs most of the mathematical operations required to run totally different programs on the pc.

It will be justly thought because of the “logical engine” or “brains” of your pc. There area unit differing types of processors with varying degrees of potency and overall capability, leading to completely different computers with different capabilities.

Due to the processor’s crucial role in pc perform, totally different brands with a special specialize in processor producing have emerged over the years.

Improvements to existing models are created with the passage of your time as more advancements in pc programs raise the requirement for additional process power.

Key players within the processor producing business embody Nvidia and Intel. Intel’s eighth-generation Core i7 and i5 processors area unit this industry’s customary because of the superior process capabilities they possess. These processors are available as a number of the most recent models during a long line of processors over the years.

Older versions embody Intel core i3 and Intel Celeron that area unit normally seen in most entry-level laptops. the kind of processor in question drastically affects the computer’s overall worth so it's necessary to be prudent around your deciding.

Your want ought to dictate your selection otherwise you may find yourself with a rich processor that you just hardly want or one thing that is much too little to handle your applications.

If you're expecting to use the laptop computer for basic office-related functions like data processing, spreadsheets, and different lightweight package, you'll not want the i7’s mammoth process power. Mid-range processors like Intel Core i3 and Celeron will get the work done.

On the opposite hand, if you're wanting to use the laptop computer for large and sophisticated packages, you'll get to think about an additional stubborn processor like Intel i5 or i7.

It is additionally necessary to notice that there's life when the Intel Core i7 processor as even additional powerful processors exist for stylish pc programs.

These embody the Core i9 and Intel Xeon, that area unit method on the far side what you would like within the workplace or business however nonetheless necessary to understand because the technological world advances at a lightning pace.


A laptop’s style will drastically have an effect on its utility in your daily business endeavors. A business one who is consistently on the keep company with restricted workplace time wants a unique portable computer from somebody who is generally confined to the workplace table or government conferences.

Highly mobile people would like laptops that afford a better degree of flexibility whereas still furnishing a seamless performance supported their specific wants. On the opposite hand, fewer mobile lifestyles just do fine with laptops while not special options about quality and suppleness.

For instance, recent years have seen the arrival of transportable convertibles which permit users the power to modify between normal portable computer and pill modes.

In fact, makers appear to be during a fierce race to supply dilutant, lighter and powerful computers. The key parts in such styles embrace Mg, atomic number 13, and Carbon fibers which permit for increased resistance at a significantly lighter weight.

Battery life

The main plan behind a pc is to package advanced computer practicality Associate in a very moveable device that might be employed in a wider style of settings through a freelance power offer. Like alternative factors like show resolution and process capabilities, laptop batteries possess totally different capacities.

Additionally, alternative options related to the pc like wireless fidelity, Bluetooth, and show brightness have an effect on the computer’s overall battery consumption, that additionally affects the device’s battery life.

Manufacturers tend to point battery life (in hours) supported commonplace tests that mimic the common daily necessities. nice laptop computer batteries ought to be ready to power your laptop computer for a minimum of eight hours with none recharge particularly after you are a frequent traveler.

However, if you're expecting to confine the device to desktop usage and shut to an influence offer, day-long battery power isn't essential.

Display resolution

The display’s resolution defines what quantity detail a selected display will accommodate. it's measured in pixels, and also the bigger the picture element rating, the better. once it involves business laptops, the simplest screens provide a 1920×1080 picture element rating, that is often thought of as full HD.

Other high-end models extend the screen resolution to around 3840×2160 pixels, that is after all manner on the far side what you'll like in associate degree workplace or business setting.

Laptops with a full HD rating additionally tend to come back with a high tag. within the event that you just are a bit short on the budget, you'll contemplate one thing with a mid-range rate which generally falls at around 1366×768 pixels.


The laptop’s storage capability is principally outlined by the drive’s storage capability rating. because the main device, there are 2 main kinds of drives, namely: Hard and Solid State. though hard Drives tend to produce additional space for storing than the Solid States, they'll get replaced within the close to future thanks to variations in useful performance.

Solid-State Drives are usually quicker, additional economical, less noisy, and needless physical space. Solid State drive’s capability falls somewhere between 128GB and 500GB whereas hard drives will reach a couple of Terabytes(TB).

A 500GB disc drive memory is mostly enough for general business or workplace usage. However, if you expect to store an oversized variety of files or strong computer code, a 1TB disc drive is also a perfect alternative. If you would like to relish the delicacies stocked with each sort in one device, you'll contemplate laptops that incorporate each sort during a single system.


Random Access Memory (RAM) permits the laptop computer to instantly access content loaded from the system’s drive. It is thought of as a shift memory house wherever the system accesses content that has been quickly loaded from the disc drive.

The bigger the RAM space, the better, because it means additional knowledge is accessed per unit time. RAM sizes have additionally been increasing with time as additional subtle systems and programs are being devised with every passing year. Today’s RAM sizes vary from a modest 2GB to a stupendous size of up to 32GB.

For general business functions while not the requirement for large computing power, a 4GB RAM is over capable of doing an excellent job. If you're trying to involve larger programs that need bigger process skills, it's going to pay dividends to think about bigger RAM capability, which can be 8GB or additional.

Operating System

Windows ten is today’s normal and options the foremost preinstalled software package within the latest devices. it's associate degree update of its predecessors (Windows eight, 7, e.t.c) giving a collection of commendable options for increased user expertise.

Some of the new options it offers to embrace the Cortana digital assistant, Edge applications program, a brand new Windows update, and system configuration tool, compatibility with VR devices, and therefore the Windows salutation program.

The software package is extremely versatile and compatible with a wider variety of programs or software packages, therefore, creating it the foremost featured in trendy devices.

The macOS Sierra presents the most recent version of the Macintosh software package. it's a fierce challenger to Windows ten, giving virtually a similar level of quality and practicality.

Some of the key options embrace the Siri digital assistant, a digital group action application referred to as Apple pay app, job and texting integration with the iPhone, and security integration with the Apple watch. for sure, it’s the software package of selection for all Macbooks.


So these are the list of 5 Best Business Laptops Under 50000 In India, When it involves shopping for budget-friendly business laptops that may effectively cater to any or all your skilled, having complete data is that the initial ideal step. From the 5 Best Business Laptops Under 50000 In India list our high 3 choices include Microsoft Surface Laptop Intel Core i7MI NoteBook 14 Business LaptopsLenovo Ideapad Slim 3i

A clear understanding of the key factors that dictate the general performance of a pc, in conjunction with the key models on the market pays dividends once it involves landing the simplest attainable model.

The first section self-addressed the factors whereas the second section dwelt on leading business laptops supported the established principles.

When this information is customized to your vogue and style, you're guaranteed to get a device which will be quite simply a machine. you may have a digital companion in your strife towards the heights. All the best!! 

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