Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021

Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021

If you want to know which is the best Mechanical Keyboard in India? Then you are in the right place. 

Mechanical keyboards are gaining popularity as membrane keyboards are less popular. With this sudden trend, cheap mechanical keyboards are also being released by many brands that once used to release mechanical keyboards with ludicrous pricing. You can't go back to membrane keyboards' mushy and slow typing experience if you have a mechanical keyboard.

There are so many mechanical keyboards on the market that it can be difficult to choose from. I've compiled a list of the top 5 Best Mechanical keyboards in 2021 to ease your worries and save you time. They are far superior to membrane keyboards and have useful features.

List of Top 5 Best Mechanical Keyboard in India 2021

Mechanical Keyboards Name


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1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11


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2. Zebronic ZEB Max


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3. Redgear Shadow blade


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4. Hyper X Mechanical Keyboard 


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5. Gamdias Hermes 


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Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021

Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021

The Cosmic Byte CB–GK-11 mechanical keyboard is the most popular in India. It is perfect for gaming. 

It is a great keyboard for gaming purposes. solid Alumumnium construction bodyIt consists of full 104-mechanical Blue/Brown switches. 

You will be witness13 RGB backlight effects you can customize the colour options. The keyboard has its own memory and can remember the last colour settings it used after shutting down the computer. 

It features a beautiful Aluminum design and a logo for "Cosmic Byte".Side lighting. You can control the brightness using four options brightening effects at a low level these are for you.

8 lighting modes that are gaming-specific. Uses of Cosmic ByteJI XIAN (Blue), mechanical switches the keys are available.50 Million Lifespans. The JI XIAN switches have a soft feel and are easy to use.45gm actual forceRegister a click The wrist rest pad provides more comfortable gaming and typing experience over a longer time.

Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021

The ergonomically designed ZEB Max Chroma premium mechanical keyboard allows you to type and play comfortably. The keyboard has 104 keys and 12 multimedia keys that provide tactile feedback. The RGB illuminated keyboard has 18 pre-programmed modes, one programmable mode and six LED speed modes. 

The RGB LED rest provides comfort and rest for your eyes and includes six lights including an OFF mode.

This keyboard was designed for gamers. It features high-quality mechanical switches in blue and an RGB backlight. For a smoother experience, the mechanical keyboard has 12 media keys.

ZEB-Max Chroma, a full-size keyboard with 104 keys, is spacious and comfortable. It also features a wrist rest and well-placed keys that make typing easy. 

ZEB-Max Chroma has a enable/disable function keyboard for Windows, which allows players to eliminate distractions and keep their eyes on the game.

The mechanical keyboard comes standard with a long, robust braided cable and a gold-plated USB connector. The keyboard has a rubberized bottom grip as well as a retractable stand.

The ZEB-Max Chroma mechanical keyboard has RGB backlit keys. It comes with 18 pre-programmed modes plus one programmable setting. There are also 6 LED speed modes. You have six brightness options to choose from and an offsetting.

The RGB Wrist Rest on the mechanical keyboard provides optimal comfort for gaming. It helps to provide adequate rest and enhances your LIT gaming experience.

Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021

Redgear in India recently launched a gaming mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is the most affordable under 2500 and includes a wristpad. 

Redgear's Shadow Blade mechanical keyboard is currently available for under 2000 rupees. It features blue Outemu switches and is very affordable. Redgear's Shadow Blade mechanical keyboard makes it an ideal keyboard for programmers and typists. It is also easy to use and causes fewer typos.

This is because the floating keycaps of the Redgear Shadow Blade mechanical keyboard make a clicking sound. The best-value mechanical keyboard has 22 Spectrum LED modes, each with their own RGB profiles and modes. The wrist support and window lock feature allow you to enjoy long gaming sessions.

Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard weighs in at 1.3kg. It has an aluminium plate on top and plastic for the rest. A wrist pad makes it more durable and easier to use for longer periods of time.

The keys can be used in low light conditions because they are RGB. It also includes presets that allow you to customize the color of the keys by using the various RGB modes.

The pleasant sound of mechanical keyboards with cherry-mx blue switches makes them suitable for everyone. To learn more about the gaming keyboard below 2000, you can visit Amazon.
Redgear Shadow Blade's top has a rotating knob that is very useful during gaming seasons.

Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021
HyperX is easy to understand and these RED original cherry MX Red switches feel solid and long-lasting. This professional mechanical keyboard might be for you if you love RGB's. Cherry MX Brown provides tactile feedback that is similar to Cherry MX Blue, but they don’t sound as clicky.

Gaming enthusiasts will love the HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Keyboard. It features aUnique light bars also provide great lighting effects. The entire keyword is covered in a solid frame that can withstand abuses. A fast stand and easy access to the key will make it simple for you to hammer the keys with your fingers.

Original Cherry MX has a better tactile and longer lasting experience multimedia keyboard is feature-rich and there is no fumbling with the multimedia switches. 

Have you ever wanted keycaps with additional colours? 

Alloy Elite now offers swappable keys that make your keyboard unique and beautiful. How can you forget about the Detachable Wrist Rest The detachable wrist and soft-touch coating provide adequate cushioning Prevent fatigue while gaming. 

What do you know? HyperX Alloy offers a variety of Quick Access Buttons With a simple touch, you can adjust the brightness and enable/disable the game mode. This HyperX mechanical keyboard can be connected using USB 2.0, which is a standard connection. 
The user can relax with a detachable wrist rest that is comfortable and provides complete security.

Best Mechanical Keyboards in India 2021
You might be wondering why this keyboard is the best budget gaming keyboard. Gamdias has certified mechanical keyboards that provide quick gaming response. More than 50 million keys of durable keyboards. 

The HERMES E2 is a great option for working at night. This budget gaming keyboard is affordable and offers a Neon Light spectrum. There are more than seven colours to choose from. You will be pleasantly surprised if you've ever used the GKC-100 combination. It looks great for a tenkeyless, This board is tenkeyless (i.e. without Numpad). It's perfect for those who want a smaller keyboard. This keyboard will be a joy to use. The clicky sound of switches makes it feel great. They have good depth and tactile feedback. They are similar to most budget keyboards available in India for less than Rupees 5,000.

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